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Please use caution and check the class schedule before you make a trip to the Hines Center today. Some of our teachers are unable to make it here when flooding occurs.  We want everyone to stay safe!

HInes Center Schedule

Welcome to Pop-up Practices!

On any given Friday during lunchtime, near the corner of Main and Prairie downtown, you might notice people blowing bubbles to regulate their breathing, standing hunched over their phones to send a kind text, or writing lists of things for which they are grateful. You’ll see Hines Center staff members holding hand-painted signs with messages like “Practice Gratitude” or “Practice Kindness,” smiling at passersby and engaging anyone who stops to ask what’s going on. You have found Pop-Up Practices!


Making Yoga a Life’s Work

I have been practicing yoga since I was fourteen. Every day after school I would practice along with a VHS tape and it was one of the first things I learned to do “for myself.”  This continued through college. Yoga introduced me to friends, mentors and leaders who, to this day, help me to

Be true to myself;
Compassionate to others; and
Fierce in my pursuit of peace (it takes effort!).

I bring all my energy and whatever wisdom I’ve gleaned so far to the Hines Center and to our incredible members and students. Every moment I spend with them is a gift.

And this is my gift in return. Of the things I’ve learned, this is what I practice every day, and what I believe has made all the difference:


Meet the Hines Center

My niece says I have earned an honorary PhD in self-help. After a significant experience of loss and desire for change, I longed for something but lacked the wisdom or strategies to get out of the patterns that no longer served me. I was spending countless hours reading, workshopping, and planning big life changes. Once I connected with a soul friend and guide, the work I was doing had traction. I was in flow with the process. It took less effort and the benefits were more immediate.

Space began to open up for me to hear my inner voice and see the opportunities all around me. More guidance and more effective strategies continued to appear and I was mindful enough and supported enough to discern how to best use my time and energy. This is the space I maintain through practice, intention, and attention to what matters most to me. 


February Program List and Updates

Rescheduled Offerings: THU 3/24 7p-9p CultureBump™ with Dr. Carol Archer WED 4/6 6p-9p Stepping Beyond Diversity with Dr. Carol Archer, a 7 week course   February Programs: WED 2/3 5:30p-6:30p Multi-Generational Dance Class with Jacquelyne Boe Stand Alone or Multi-week 6 week course SAT 2/6 1p-3p Guided Labyrinth Walk with Sarah Gish SAT 2/6 11a-12:30p…