Status: Exempt



PRINCIPAL FUNCTION: The Executive Director is the primary leader and manager of the Hines Center, overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan of the organization, and also responsible for development, marketing and community outreach.


RESPONSIBLE TO: The Board of Directors

QUALIFICATIONS FOR THIS POSITION: The Executive Director must have a bachelor’s degree, three or more years senior nonprofit management experience or the equivalent, commitment to the mission of the Hines Center, and a willingness to work non-standard hours (nights and weekends) on a regular basis. The ideal candidate has a pallet of skills and experience that encompass the energy, drive and entrepreneurship appropriate to leading a young organization, the emotional intelligence and spiritual maturity necessary for relational community building, and the administrative ability to organize and manage staff, facilities and programs. Highly desirable: excellent public speaking abilities and significant exposure to diverse practices associated with spirituality and wellness.



Implement Strategic Plan:

  • Develop and implement strategic plan to grow the Hines Center with emphasis on a diverse community of millennials, generation x and generation z.
  • Nurture the Hines Center as a destination for individuals to gather for informal conversation and programs related to its mission. Be present and active at programs and events, most of which occur nights and weekends.
  • Adapt the implementation of the mission as informed by listening to the needs and desires of the community and direction from the Board.

Marketing and Development:

  • Work closely with the Board of Directors to raise funds from corporations, foundations and individuals, and to increase the overall visibility of the Hines Center in the City of Houston and beyond.
  • Oversee and collaborate with the Marketing Manager to publicize, through social media and traditional outlets, the programs and other opportunities available at the Hines Center.
  • Network with professional and other organizations that are a potential source of financial support and/or participants for programs and classes.
    Serve as primary spokesperson to the Hines Center’s constituents, the media and the general public.

Management and Administration:

  • Supervise and collaborate with part-time and full-time staff; establish and modify working schedules as necessary.
  • Plan and administer the annual budget; establish, with the Board, a sound financial basis for the sustained mission of the Hines Center.
  • Prepare agenda and attend Board and select committee meetings.
  • Oversee the physical and electronic security of the Hines Center location, its property and equipment, including appropriate privacy protections.

Other Duties:

  • Collaborate with service providers, i.e., the financial office and human relations department of Christ Church Cathedral and Episcopal Health Foundation (as landlord for the Hines Center leased space).
  • Schedule and collaborate with yoga/movements instructors, mindfulness instructors, and speakers for special events.
  • Be accessible to Board members and responsive to their inquiries and requests.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.

Interested applicants please send your resumes to hcedresumes[at]gmail.com