What is the Hines Center?

The Bishop John E. Hines Center for Spirituality and Prayer is a ministry of Christ Church Cathedral that seeks to facilitate knowledge of and relationship to God by nurturing the spirituality of parishioners and those who live and work in downtown Houston and beyond through spiritual practices, prayer, and opportunities for both Christian and interfaith lecture and conversation. It is a container for exploring, engaging, and connecting with authentic and deep traditions where compassion, inclusivity, nonviolence, and understanding are universal Truths.

What is spirituality?

The word spirituality comes from root words in Hebrew, Latin, and Greek that all mean wind, breath, or air—that which gives life.  As taught in Genesis 1, in the beginning the Spirit of God breathed across the entire creation, and as the prologue to John’s Gospel attests, the Cosmic Christ is incarnate in all things.

“To finally surrender ourselves to healing, we have to have three spaces opened up within us – and all at the same time: our opinionated head, our closed-down heart, and our defensive and defended body. That is the summary work of spirituality – and it is indeed work.” ~Richard Rohr, Radical Grace.

What is the function of a Spirituality Center?

A spirituality center is a place where programs, classes, practice groups and direction is offered to assist individuals on their spiritual journey. This includes presenting tools for wholeness of mind, body, and spirit including those that facilitate liberation from limiting beliefs, blocks, and pain, and honoring and supporting the process of transformation.

Who does the center serve?

The center serves everyone who seeks to understand a deeper sense of themselves, others and existence in the universe as God’s creation. The Hines Center is grounded in both Christian practice and tradition and the spiritual practices of other faith traditions.

Which faith traditions are served by the Hines Center?

The Hines Center is open to individuals of all beliefs, faith traditions, and walks of life. The next step on the spiritual path is always between the individual and how they identify and relate to God. If one is lead to further explore Christian formation he/she will be supported on a path that is responsive to their unique experience, understanding, and relationship with Jesus, God, Sacred Mystery, and that which transcends labels. The Christian tradition and particularly Celtic Christianity are foundations of the center rooted in compassion, inclusivity, and practices that lead to seeing God’s grace and revelation.

Are programs offered in Spanish?

We have existing classes and programs in Spanish and are continuing to develop additional classes, workshops, and a spiritual direction program in Spanish. Please refer closely to the class descriptions for language options.

What Security Measures will the center provide?

The Hines Center participants and members are required to register and obtain individually programmed cards for access to and movement within the building. For classes that end after dark, a group of students will be escorted from the Hines Center to the parking garage.

Can I volunteer?

There are tour guide, program advisor, and teaching assistant volunteer positions for many of our classes and programs. Follow the volunteer application process on our website (link here) to apply to volunteer.