Bailey Robertson

Bailey began practicing yoga in 2012 in her hometown of Long Beach, New York. She enjoys teaching and practicing imaginative, feel-good yoga sequences, energized by breath work and a sense of humor. Bailey moved to Houston, Texas in August of 2015, and is happy to report that there is plenty of imagination and humor in the Houston yoga scene. Off the mat, she enjoys writing poetry, cartooning, exploring the city, and befriending dogs.

Brenda Tapatia

I launched my career as a lawyer and used my interest in nutrition and yoga to become a Health Coach and a Yoga Instructor. I have learned during this journey that my passion is routed to provide people the tools that will help them make conscious decisions for their body.

I enjoy providing my students the tools that help them be more resourceful. In my class, I explain the benefits of the yoga postures while I invite my students to breath and take enough time to review the posture and feel the benefits of it.

Favorite Quote: Be resourceful.


Brittany Pires

For me, yoga is a metaphor for life and how we react to it. I first found yoga in 2009, and discovered Acro Yoga as my second passion in 2015. I am a 200-RYT with a specialty in Prenatal Yoga. I’ve continued my education with various specialized studies, including Acro Yoga, mentorship, and a second 200hr-RYT.

Having experienced various injuries in my body, I emphasize yoga’s role in injury rehabilitation and prevention. I invite students to use my instruction as guidance as they create their own practice by listening to their bodies with the intention of longevity and self-care. My intention is to provide an experience to help others achieve a state of peace, clarity, and ease that they didn’t have when they walked in.


Huy Xuân Hồ

In 2001, Huy Xuân Hồ was shown a vision of his path in life. He was introduced to a different way of looking at the world.

Today, as a licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist, Huy practices alternative energy modalities to healing and health, including acupuncture, shiatsu, herbs and food therapy, and taiji and qigong.

Huy enjoys sharing these practices and their principles and theories with other seekers.


Joe Down

I started practicing yoga in the summer of 2013 in Boulder, Colorado visiting family, at their suggestion. Ever since then yoga has been a a daily part of my life. Prior to this, I greatly needed the support of a loving yoga community and my yoga practice, I just did not know it. Upon returning home from Boulder I practiced yoga for a year before attending yoga teacher training at BIG Power Yoga in the fall of 2014.

My classes are devotional and intentional, with well thought out sequencing and precisely planned transitions. When you come to my class, I will leave you in powerful, renewed experience of yourself. To me, yoga is a like a dance, a conversation, a mural of the asanas, and an artistic journey into the self. I believe that each practice is like a mirror for you to see yourself in a new and beautiful way, every single time you come to your mat.


Kelsey Brochu

Kelsey began her yoga journey looking for one thing only- a Yoga Butt. While that came with time, the immediate mental transformation kept her coming back for more. Through self discipline, more than a few face plants out of crow, and the ‘gentle’ nudging of her peers and teachers, Kelsey found her way to Joy Yoga’s 200 hour Vinyasa Training where she continued to hone both my outer and inner voice. Kelsey uses her confident and bubbly personality to uplift and motivate her students to go to places on and off the mat that they may not have thought of reaching for otherwise. Through a combination of breath, music, and smart sequencing, students will leave her classes feeling a sense of self confidence that everyone deserves.

Mariana Acosta

I received my 200-hour RTT teaching certification in early 2014 and began teaching right away. I work to make yoga accessible to everyone. I have a love of a deep yin practice, gentle and restorative yoga, sweaty vinyasa and Forrest classes.

My journey into meditation and pranayama deepens every day. I teach hatha, prenatal yoga, gentle and restorative yoga, and yoga for kids, full time all over Houston.

Making yoga accessible for everyone is my specialty. Working with people at all levels, children to the elderly, pregnant women, from athletes to those with injuries, offering modifications, and working with student’s specific needs so they can get the most out of their practice is my calling.

Mariana’s motto: Do yoga 3 times a week change your body, do yoga 5 times a week change your life!


Nosa Edebor

Movement Coordinator
200hr E-RYT Nosa Edebor is a yogi , musician, dancer and 1 half of Acroyoga teaching partnership Nosie Yogi. As a yogi and acrobat Nosa has taught in over 2 dozen countries on 4 continents. Nosa believes yoga is a joyous form of self expression and exploration pairing movement with breath to create a fun and fluid practice.

Susie Edebor

Having five years of experience as a Special Education teacher in the public school system, Susie found her calling as a full-time yoga, kids yoga and AcroYoga instructor. Described as powerfully mindful, she applies her skills to help all types of learners grow in the body and mind and finds excitement in working with communities on a global level to promote unity and wellness

Susan Grace Alonso

Susan teaches contemplative yoga with the intention of drawing awareness within. She is a 200-RYT with Yoga Alliance and began teaching yoga during her years of formation as a Spiritual Director from 2002-2005.

Susan delights in sharing the practice of moving compassionately into the body through yoga asanas (postures). This gentle, mindful process not only relieves stress and tightness but also increases strength, flexibility, and balance in all aspects of our being: body, mind and spirit. This practice that clears our way to experience a peace that transcends all understanding.

Favorite Quote: Our task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. – Rumi

Francisco Robledo

Francisco Robledo