The Leader’s Repertoire: The Case for Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development

We often wonder what it takes to be an effective leader. In this class Linda Talley will highlight what effective leadership looks like.

Great leadership is enhanced by an understanding of the psychological principles of leader development. The purpose of this program is to introduce attendees to the psychology of leadership and leader development. This program combines emotional intelligence (EI) and body language with very effective results in improving the leadership skills of people in organizations. EI is what connects you to others and builds trust, and knowing how to interpret body language gives you the power to understand people better by reading their actions accurately.

Dr. Linda Talley is a behavioral strategist, international speaker, scientist and an expert on leaders’ nonverbal behaviors that influence and persuade.

Her diverse background includes private practice, university professor, organizational development consultant, and business educator. After 20 years of developing leaders for Fortune 500 giants like Conoco Phillips and EMCOR as well as numerous health care organizations, she combined her expertise of leader development with nonverbal behavior research to create a unique leader development system based on empirical data.

She holds a psychology, is an ongoing researcher in the area of leadership development, is published in scientific journals, and the author of six books.

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Thursday, October 4, 2018

6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

$10 members/ $20 nonmembers

FREE Parking at The Hines Center Garage