Practicing yoga with the intention that the practice itself is prayer becomes a contemplative meditation that employs a felt sense of the body.

Focusing on the body through gentle yoga stretches unites the mind with the body resulting in a mindfulness practice that produces an effective tool for moving you into the present moment, the stillness of contemplative prayer, into the presence of the Divine.

With a meditative approach you are guided to move gently into each stretch as if it were a hug from the Beloved. Scripture is embodied as we practice stretching with patience and compassion to release expectation and judgements of the stretch (1 Corinthians 13). Focusing on the sensations within your body as each stretch develops, you allow your body to direct the stretch, moving you into stillness where you find yourself embraced by the Love that is Presence, finding YOU in prayer. (1 John 4:16)

Working in the body-mind we experience My Story in self-awareness, well-being, self-compassion, peace of body-mind, etc. Even though it is an individual practice it is practiced in a group, which not only builds community among the participants as Our Story but also a connection is experienced through the practice to the mystery of The Story.

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