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Looking to decrease stress, calm your mind, deepen your spiritual connection or increase your overall happiness and health?

Spiritual muscle develops through practice, just like physical muscle, but what exercises produce spiritual growth? In this session on Developing Spiritual Practice, students will learn a variety of ways to enhance spiritual growth from a variety of spiritual traditions. These may include movement, reading, types of prayer, ways to meditate, and others that interest the group. After this introductory session, participants may choose to continue to meet as a Spiritual Practice Group to support one another, or they may elect to continue individually.

About Lisa:

Lisa Bonner has been leading educational opportunities and Spiritual Practice Groups for over 20 years. She understands Spirituality to be a broad concept that can include a variety of perspectives and is, therefore, larger than a particular religion. It is a universal human experience involving a sense of connection to something beyond ourselves, grows through meaningful relationships, and includes a search for meaning and purpose in life.  Lisa is an active member of the Episcopal church and a member of the Oriental Order of the West, a group devoted to a contemplative wisdom path. She has been trained by the Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault to lead Wisdom Schools and has led such schools at Kanuga Conference Center in North Carolina. She is a well known facilitator of groups at the Hines Center, most recently leading the ongoing Wisdom book study group.

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Members and Nonmembers  $15 per session