Aug.16, 23 and Sept. 6,13, 20, and 27 (All classes are from 6:30-8:00 pm)

This 6-week course on mindfulness will help you learn to reduce your stress. The first three classes focus on understanding the way the brain operates and learning to let go of stressful thinking.

Practices for insomnia are introduced, as well as ways to bring mindfulness into your daily living with driving, walking, eating and other activities.  In the last three classes, you will learn specific practices to deal with physical pain, emotional pain and challenging thinking.

WEEK 1: August 16 – Mindful Awareness practices

WEEK 2: August 23 – Mindful awareness of the body while sitting/lying

WEEK 3: September 6 – Mindful awareness of the body while moving

WEEK 4: September 13 – Mindful awareness of pain and discomfort in the body

WEEK 5: September 20 – Mindful awareness of emotions

WEEK 6: September 27 – Mindful awareness of thoughts

Come join Dr. Ann Friedman, a psychologist and certified mindfulness facilitator, to learn this life-transforming practice.

Learning Objectives:  By the end of six weeks, students will be able to reach the following goals:

·      Understand and be able to describe the concepts of mindful awareness and formal mindfulness practice

·      Learn techniques to be able to “drop” into mindful awareness during routine activities each day (driving, walking, washing hands, eating, etc…)

·      Understand the foundations of mindfulness meditation practice from personal experience

·      Develop a daily meditation practice

·      Explore possible impediments to a consistent practice and how these challenges might be addressed

·      Learn the most up-to-date scientific research supporting mindfulness and understand the limitations of this research

·      Understand practices for dealing with strong emotions, physical pain and challenging thinking

·      Understand the states we can cultivate through mindfulness practice—equanimity, generosity, joy, loving kindness and compassion

Ann Friedman, Ph.D., is a psychologist who has studied and practiced mindfulness intensively since 2007. Ann is a Certified Mindfulness Facilitator through the Mindful Awareness Research Center at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA. She has also taken additional courses through Mindful Schools, A Still Quiet Place and Sitting Like a Frog to train to teach children.  Ann completed her Clinical Residency at UT Medical School and her Post-Doctorate in Neuropsychology and Behavioral Science at Baylor College of Medicine. She taught as Adjunct Faculty at the University of Houston’s Department of Counseling Psychology for over ten years.  She teaches classes at her Mindful Being office, the McGovern Museum of Health and Medical Science, Rothko Chapel, various synagogues, and at businesses, nonprofits, schools, and other venues.

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Cost: $300 members/ $325 nonmembers (includes all 6 sessions and materials)

Students who miss a class or classes can make up those classes at any location (Hines/Museum/Ann Friedman’s office) any time the 6-week series is offered.  In addition, students can repeat the same class series (Beginning Mindfulness) without charge at any time.

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