“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” —Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

NOTE TO ALL: the Hines Center Spiritual Direction program has been suspended momentarily, due to moves from the area of our Spiritual Direction Coordinator and one of our Directors. We hope to resume this program soon.

Meanwhile, we refer you, with confidence, to the folks at Cenacle Retreat House, in West Houston. FOLLOW THIS LINK to find a clickable information sheet and downloadable questionnaire for matching directees with just the right director. Otherwise, contact:

Sister Mary Ann Peters
Cenacle Retreat House
420 N. Kirkwood Lane
Houston TX 77079

The second gold standard for spiritual direction programming in Houston is the Ruah Spirituality Center at Villa de Matel. HERE’S A LINK to a full description of their programming.

Villa de Matel
6510 Lawndale Street
Houston, TX 77023
(713) 928-6053

How is God speaking to and through our lives? How do we connect with God and deepen our relationship with the Sacred? How do we recognize God in the opportunities that arise in our daily lives? What are ways we can discern the most fulfilling choices we can make for ourselves on our journey? How do we relate to others in a way that is closest to the desires God has for us?

The practice of Spiritual Direction is an ancient tradition of one person accompanying another in spiritual life. It has been practiced in faith traditions throughout the ages as a means of encouraging and supporting spiritual development and personal transformation.

It is:

  • an art that can offer hope, joy, and possibilities for your journey.
  • a support that cultivates a healthy spirituality and religious practice through study, contemplation, and prayer. Spiritual wellness unfolds in the context of authentic self-knowledge and an openness to the movement of the Spirit.
  • a spiritual process in which you are invited to notice, savor, and deepen your ability to listen to the Divine’s direction for your life. To recognize the Presence and grace that is truly with you every day and everywhere.
  • a relationship between you, the Divine, and the director in a contemplative and confidential setting. It is considered a three-way conversation, remembering that Spirit is always with us and is an active participant in the time together. It is a time of mutual listening, whereby there is a unique spiritual unfolding that is revealed for your life.
  • a time together based on mutual trust, respect, openness, and genuine care.
  • a time for the director to help you capture and interpret the significant movements and changes in your inner daily experiences.
  • important to understand that it is NOT counseling or therapy, advice giving, teaching, or problem-solving.
  • NOT pastoral counseling such as pre-marital counseling, vocation discernment, grief counseling, or as a confessional.