St. Augustine’s Confessions is widely considered the first memoir. While the memoir genre in the modern literary age has become trendy, and often sells better than literary fiction, the art of memoir has its roots in spiritual discovery and growth and is an inherently spiritual process in that it always offers us an invitation into what Toni Morrison called the “nonsecular” world. This class will encourage participants to use their own experience in the world as a meditative tool to expand their relationship to spirit.

Each week we’ll use one of the masters of spiritual writing—from St. Augustine to Andre Dubus to Marilynne Robinson, as well as lesser known and unexpected writers—as a model to generate new work and strengthen our creative muscles. We’ll place special attention on developing elements of craft that move the particular into the universal—elements like the concrete imagination, character and scene development, voice, and narrative structure. New and established writers will benefit from the workshop, which will be a playful, compassionate space for exploration, challenge, and communion.

Thursdays, April 12th – May 17th| 6:30 to 8:00 pm

$120 Members $180 Nonmembers for entire series

FREE parking in the Cathedral garage at 511 San Jacinto