Wednesday September 26

What is it that makes a space “feel sacred”? How do space and design interact to invite people into a relationship with Transcendence? Allison Marshall and Luis Ayala have helped to create worship spaces in Houston for diverse groups with a variety of cultures and spiritual heritage and they are coming to the Hines Center on September 26 to discuss what they have learned from their experience. They will show examples of their recent work using the elements of Scale, Materiality, Orientation, Light, and Acoustics to evoke feelings of transcendence without losing sight of the significance of the individual. Join us for this excursion into the intersection of creativity, structure, and spirit.

6:30 – 8:00 pm

$20 members /$25 non-members

Allison Marshall

As one of Gensler’s Religious Expertise Leaders, Allison not only serves as a resource for other Gensler offices pursuing community-based projects, but also as a mentor to her fellow colleagues and young professionals. Serving as a Design Manager in Gensler Houston’s Community Studio, she specializes in education, arts and culture, and faith-based projects. Allison is passionate about helping clients realize and create healthy and engaging environments and views each project as an opportunity to challenge the design team’s assumptions and truly aid in the understanding of the client’s needs. Allison received her Bachelor’s of Architecture from the University of Houston, was actively involved in church leadership for 15 years, and is co-founder of a church plant in Houston.

Luis Ayala

Luis is a dynamic design professional with 23 years of experience leading design for multi-million-dollar projects.


Luis has many other skills that complement his abilities as a designer and architect. Sustainability is one of Luis’s stronger interests, and many of his projects have received design awards recognizing his innovation in green design. Luis speaks fluently Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and English. In 2016, Luis was distinguished by YAF Houston as a part Emerging Voices Exhibition and later the same year by AIA National as an Emerging Professional featuring his work at the AIA headquarters in Washington D.C.