While we may observe people of various religious traditions at prayer in the world or on the movie screen, we rarely have the opportunity to ask questions about what they are doing.  Interfaith panelists will spend time demonstrating and answering questions about particular prayer practices from the Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim and Christian spiritual traditions, inviting event participants into the practices themselves.

On Saturday, April 29, the Hines Center welcomes four powerful women we last met at the Faith and Reason Conference last October. Four interfaith voices, talking about the differences and similarities in how they practice their respective faith traditions.

  • Carissa Baldwin-McGinnis, Associate Rector at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church; and
  • Heba Khan, Assistant Editor at the journal of Feminist Economics, Rice University;
  • Claire Villareal, Programs Manager at Dawn Mountain Center for Tibetan Buddhism; and
  • Melissa Weininger, Anna Smith Fine Senior Lecturer in Jewish Studies at Rice University

Saturday April 29, 10:30 to 12 noon | $25 per person |Four powerful women resume their conversation on religious practices and faith traditions.