Ever wonder why you do the things you do? Looking to blend your mission with who you are at your core? Now is the time to make that discovery.

The Enneagram is a map that helps us discern our core motivations, desires and fears. The map identifies nine paths of human nature. Exploring this tool unlocks deep love, understanding and compassion for ourselves and others. 

The result is increased productivity, deeper creativity and more success in intimate relationships. 

Join the Hines Center and guest speaker, Danielle Fanfair as she walks us through the nine types of the Enneagram and helps us better understand ourselves and those around us.

Danielle is a creative spirit, writer and Enneagram consultant. She works with clients to better align them on their personal journey to connection and innovation.

A journalism graduate from Baylor University, Danielle guides artists, professionals, and entrepreneurs to achieving personal innovation and creating the change they want to see.

Back by Popular Demand! – October 11, 2018

$25 members and nonmembers

Seats are Limited!

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

FREE Parking at The Hines Center Garage