It is designed for feeling the flow in all of us and will focus on stretching, and strengthening, with attention on becoming aware of the muscles.

We will continue developing flexibility, balance, and stability, which is unique to us all. This class is designed to release our inner energies, connect with the breath, the body, and with music. Feel a sense of freedom, release, and confidence as you move to the rhythm of your breath, guided by the music, and enhanced by the beautiful combination of asana and contemporary dance with the intention of creating a harmonious marriage between vinyasa flow and contemporary dance.

The class will be organized with a warm up sequence, short flow, followed by an introduction to movement, learning a few new ways of using the knowledge of the body and of asana practice in a more rhythmic, harmonious manner.

Some teachers work with the choreography and practices stem from the combination of vinyasa flow (utilizing sun salutations and different asanas) and contemporary dance technique. Special attention will be placed on transitional movement using a movement vocabulary and rhythmic style coming from a contemporary dance background.

Music plays an important role in the class as well, creating the atmosphere and theme of the movement.

This class is more intermediate and advanced.

Come join us with Amanda Field on:

Fridays 12p