Armando Agustin

For Armando, yoga is a pathway to connect to the self as a whole; the physical body, the spiritual, the mind, the breath. From taking his very first yoga class in 2010 during active military service in Okinawa, Japan to his 200hr Tamal Yoga School in Southern California in 2012, to his most recent 300 hr certification with Pralaya just a few years ago, his journey with yoga has taken him far and wide.

Armando’s goal is to offer all the lessons and knowledge he’s received along his yoga journey. His classes are much more than stretching with a focus on strengthening, stabilizing, and moving with more freedom. You can expect many different fields ranging from anatomy and physiology to tai chi and pranayama.


Brenda Tapia

I launched my career as a lawyer and used my interest in nutrition and yoga to become a Health Coach and a Yoga Instructor. I have learned during this journey that my passion is routed to provide people the tools that will help them make conscious decisions for their body.

I enjoy providing my students the tools that help them be more resourceful. In my class, I explain the benefits of the yoga postures while I invite my students to breath and take enough time to review the posture and feel the benefits of it.

Favorite Quote: Be resourceful.


Brittany Pires

For me, yoga is a metaphor for life and how we react to it. I first found yoga in 2009, and discovered Acro Yoga as my second passion in 2015. I am a 200-RYT with a specialty in Prenatal Yoga. I’ve continued my education with various specialized studies, including Acro Yoga, mentorship, and a second 200hr-RYT.

Having experienced various injuries in my body, I emphasize yoga’s role in injury rehabilitation and prevention. I invite students to use my instruction as guidance as they create their own practice by listening to their bodies with the intention of longevity and self-care. My intention is to provide an experience to help others achieve a state of peace, clarity, and ease that they didn’t have when they walked in.


Gustavo Vila

Growing up in Buenos Aires, Gustavo studied and built a solid foundation in classical dance and theatre. He received a scholarship to Julio Boca’s School of Dance in Buenos Aires and has performed for many dance and theatre companies in the US. His interest in human movement grew and was drawn to Europe and China to learn martial arts at Shanghai’s Sports University. He studied wushu-chikung, Buddhism and meditation under grandmasters Shi De Yang and Xi Cuin Xi. He fell in love with the spiritual and physical aspects of Chinese Martial Arts.
Years later, after moving to Houston, Gustavo found Robert Boustany at Pralaya Yoga Studio where he developed a passion for yoga. He received his 200 hr YTT with Robert and 500 hr YTT.

For Gustavo, yoga is an internal spiritual, physical and philosophical journey that opens the individual to the heart centered space where one can find themselves. He believes in passing this knowledge to others and his passion is what drives him to further himself and to help others achieve this too.


Huy Xuân Hồ

In 2001, Huy Xuân Hồ was shown a vision of his path in life. He was introduced to a different way of looking at the world.

Today, as a licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist, Huy practices alternative energy modalities to healing and health, including acupuncture, shiatsu, herbs and food therapy, and taiji and qigong.

Huy enjoys sharing these practices and their principles and theories with other seekers.


John Tran

John Tran is a visionary, creator & a yogi. At the age of 8, John began his spiritual journey, traveling with his parents & learning meditation and Reiki from different spiritual teachers and healers. In 2008, John tried yoga for the first time with an old school friend & was immediately drawn to the peace & mindfulness that yoga brought to his life. Since then, yoga has been a central part of his life as he graduated from BIG Power Yoga’s 200 Hour RYT program to share that same healing that brought him so much joy and balance. Today, John uses a variety of modalities that he has discovered on his journey that range from Vinyasa flow, Restorative yoga, Reiki, meditation, sound healing & EFT/Meridian Tapping in his yoga sessions.  In addition to being a yoga instructor, John is also the creator & Co-Founder of YOUniverSOUL Fest, an all-day yoga/mindfulness festival based in Houston.

Mariana Acosta

I received my 200-hour RTT teaching certification in early 2014 and began teaching right away. I work to make yoga accessible to everyone. I have a love of a deep yin practice, gentle and restorative yoga, sweaty vinyasa and Forrest classes.

My journey into meditation and pranayama deepens every day. I teach hatha, prenatal yoga, gentle and restorative yoga, and yoga for kids, full time all over Houston.

Making yoga accessible for everyone is my specialty. Working with people at all levels, children to the elderly, pregnant women, from athletes to those with injuries, offering modifications, and working with student’s specific needs so they can get the most out of their practice is my calling.

Mariana’s motto: Do yoga 3 times a week change your body, do yoga 5 times a week change your life!


Marlon F. Hall

Marlon F. Hall is a lecturing anthropologist, storyteller, and yogi who uses film, art-installations, salon dinner parties, and yoga to unearth beauty from brokenness.
He is the Director for Folklore Films, a Sourcing Innovation lecturing fellow at Leadership Education at Duke University, a lecturing catalyst at Princeton University, and a Yoga Teacher at Big Power Yoga.


Nosa Edebor

Movement Coordinator
200hr E-RYT Nosa Edebor is a yogi , musician, dancer and 1 half of Acroyoga teaching partnership Nosie Yogi. As a yogi and acrobat Nosa has taught in over 2 dozen countries on 4 continents. Nosa believes yoga is a joyous form of self expression and exploration pairing movement with breath to create a fun and fluid practice.

Sarah Gish

Sarah Gish is a Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator, the owner of Gish Creative (, a blogger (, a life-aholic, an activist, and an info-preneur. She loves the powerful energy of the labyrinth as a spiritual tool for transformation, for questioning, and for grounding and enjoys leading monthly walks at the Hines Center so that she can share her wisdom and information. Her “Mod Mandalas: The Chakra Series” hangs on the wall at the Center and Sarah is happy to share her love of chakras and mandalas through her hubcap assemblages. She is a continual explorer of Houston who loves to tour people around the Center, sharing its history and the story of Bishop John Hines. Sarah’s biggest passion is her #IgniteYourOwnLife global art project, which was inspired by the death of her brother from alcoholism. Her dedication to mental health advocacy is at the center of all of her life’s work.


Susie Edebor

Having five years of experience as a Special Education teacher in the public school system, Susie found her calling as a full-time yoga, kids yoga and AcroYoga instructor. Described as powerfully mindful, she applies her skills to help all types of learners grow in the body and mind and finds excitement in working with communities on a global level to promote unity and wellness