October 9: Intro course
October 15-November 19: 6-week course

This 6-week course provides an introduction to mindfulness meditation and mindful awareness practices. These classes draw on the material provided in the UCLA Mindful Awareness Practices (MAPS I) course. Classes include guided instruction, meditation practice, group discussion, walking meditation, presentation of research on the mental and physical health benefits, dealing with challenging emotions and thoughts, dealing with physical pain, mindful eating, downloadable guided meditations, and home practices. The classes are interchangeable; if you miss your class you may attend another class during the same week.

Learning Objectives: By the end of six weeks, students will be able to reach the following goals:

· Understand and be able to describe the concepts of mindful awareness and formal mindfulness practice

· Learn techniques to be able to “drop” into mindful awareness during routine activities each day (driving, walking, washing hands, eating, etc…)

· Understand the foundations of mindfulness meditation practice from personal experience

· Develop a daily meditation practice

· Explore possible impediments to a consistent practice and how these challenges might be addressed

· Learn the most up-to-date scientific research supporting mindfulness and understand the limitations of this research

· Understand practices for dealing with strong emotions, physical pain and challenging thinking

· Understand the states we can cultivate through mindfulness