Tai Ji, which translates as ‘supreme ultimate’, is a system of self-cultivation or self-development practices with the purpose of creating balance and harmony in the body and mind with the flow of the forces of nature.

Using the creative power of the mind’s intention, life-force energy (Qi) is mobilized and guided through the body. Thus it is said that the mind moves the Qi and the Qi moves the body. The circular, slow, fluid movements of taiji transform hardness into softness, dissolve tension to relaxation.

Taiji’s meditative and rhythmic movements create and cultivate peace and stillness of mind, awareness of breathing patterns, heightened body coordination and sensitivity, a firmer connection to the earth and heaven, and a deeper connection to the spirit. Good health and well being are just the side effects. So it is that cultivating a peaceful and healthy mind creates a peaceful, healthy body, whose energy creates peaceful, healthy interactions with the community and the world. When the mind is at peace, which is the foundation of Oneness, the spirit can use and guide the mind toward a more purposeful and enlightening life.

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with Huy Ho