Oct. 17 | 6:30pm – 8:00 pm | $35 | Come join Charease Davis

Happiness truly is [a] central purpose to human life. It’s the one thing all of humanity across cultures, social-economic status, religion, and gender all desire. However, achieving it, seems to be a challenge for many. In this workshop we will explore, together, an inner guide to sustainable joy based on the exploration of scripture, mystical practices, and downright human experience. I’ve learned, “It’s only possible to live happily ever after on a day to day basis.”

-Margaret Wander Bonanno.


In this intensive you will also explore the Core Four Frequencies to your Happiness: Emotional frequency, Mental frequency, Physical frequency and Spiritual frequency. You will be equipped tools to start your journey or elevate it by asking yourself, who do I need be or become to awaken my happiness? What do I need to do to realize my happiness? What do I need to have to actualize my happiness?

Learning Outcomes:

You will identify new discoveries for a more joyful life. (Happiness Mapping: Family, career, money, good health, spirituality etc.)


Gain an understanding that Happiness happens in the now, not later. Today is the day formerly known as tomorrow.


Apply happiness as an intentional practice and discover how to easily add these practices into your daily routine. (i.e. mindfulness, meditation, prayer, yoga, being, listening to life, gratitude, pleasure)


Set practical happiness goals to prioritize your joy and shift your thoughts about happiness being a luxury to a necessity for sustainable life.

For more info on Charease’s work: https://www.chareasedavis.com