November 9 | 6:30pm – 8:00 pm | $45 | Come join Anthony Suber and Ann Johnson

This workshop will be an exploration of the spiritual significance of art created for, within, and by an interconnected community of people.  Using the framework of the history of artists and arts communities connected to the African diaspora, we will journey to discover the foundation and impact of traditional and non-traditional visual art pieces and movements that are influential to the timeline of the cultures and communities that were exposed to them. Using the root of cultural cross-pollination, this workshop will also investigate the past and future impact as well as the implications of this work as a formal mainstay of world culture and the evolution of belief systems.  


Supplies included in cost of registration.

Learning Outcomes:

Discover the similarities between cultures and religions around the world through the lens of art

Discover the oneness in the way that art impacts the spirit and how it is a vehicle for spiritual communication

A better understanding of  the way in which art (in all cultures) has been intertwined with the spiritual voice of many societies

Understand how we can all participate in an ongoing dialogue for discussion about the oneness of the human experience

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