Never in your life have you needed you more.


This moment in human history is rich with opportunities to grow deeper in being more humanly you; however, we are allowing the crap of our past to cover up the promises of our future.


Using my practice as an anthropologist and my passion for people, I have designed this spiritual archeological journey for you to unearth the values, rituals, and practices that awaken you to your fullest expression of you.

This workshop includes a Yoga practice. Please dress comfortably and bring your mat and towel.

Marlon is the Author of Unearthing You, a limited number of copies will be available on-site for $29.

Learning Outcomes:

Develop daily practices that connect you to the most authentic version of you


Create meaningful rituals that root you to your core


Embrace lifelong values that you can return to over and over again to draw you into who you really are.

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