UnMASKulinity, a Film by Brian PlutoLenz Ellison, followed by a Panel Discussion

At its most basic definition, masculinity is simply the demonstration of characteristics traditionally associated with men. As is the case with all societal constructs, the idea of manliness and masculinity will vary—however slight or significant—from culture to culture. Historically, African American masculinity is seen as especially brute and strong. UnMASKulinity will explore the origins of how such misconceptions of dimensionless expression and emotional inaccessibility as well as how they act to further perpetuate the falsities of African American masculinity. UnMASKulinity will then work to re-conceptualize African American masculinity so that it is more inclusive of the full range of human emotion.

Everyone is invited to this evening of understanding, growth, and healing. People of all ages and identities are encouraged to attend.

May 24, 2019 | 6:30pm-9:30pm | $35

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