How can you understand yourself and others better?

How can you stop stealing time from yourself focusing on others’ opinions and know the truth about yourself?

How can your work more deeply reach and impact people?

How can you have more good days than bad days in your relationship?

Let’s go deeper and learn how each enneagram personality type influences the ways we interact with each other and navigate our relationships. Attendees will leave with knowledge on how to leverage their natural abilities and insight on ways to approach obstacles and conflict from a space of compassion and creativity.

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram of Personality Types is a map that helps us understand who we are, and begins the journey of exploring our core fears and desires.

Each point on the symbol represents one of nine paths of human nature. To understand your Enneagram type is to understand your personality, yes, and to go deeper. We’ll explore childhood trauma, and move forward into the gifts and virtues that you possess. Our end goal is to uncover your True Essence, your Highest Mind, and your True Self.

Learning Outcomes:
We will deepen our love and understanding for ourselves and others to unlock:

  • How to leverage your self-mastery for higher productivity
  • How to make a deeper impact with deeper creativity
  • How to enjoy more success with business and personal relationships

Danielle is the Author of Go From Confusion to Clarity: An Inner Work Book.

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