Yoga is a system of techniques designed to bring the practitioner into intimate relationship with their capital S- Self; the Self which exists beyond physical condition, life circumstance or obstacle. It addresses the very human condition of inner conflict brought about by seeking answers, purpose and connection. Through the practice of movement (asana,) breath (pranayama,) and various meditation techniques, one can achieve this goal. All yoga practice is designed to meet the practitioner where they are, and through consistent effort and curiosity we find our way back to our Self
Every teacher you encounter at the Hines Center is highly skilled at providing the best class for the practitioners that arrive for the class. This may include Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Flow, and others and in combination. Each teacher helps each student grow in their practice regardless of experience, strength, or flexibility. It is not about arriving. It is about practicing.
$18/class or included in Membership for $50/month.